flat mask production line

Fully Auto Three-Layer Flat Mask Production Line

  • Condition: New
  • Product Type: Three-layer flat mask
  • Brand Name: ROOT
  • Production Speed: 100-120pcs/min
  • Operator: 1 person
  • Weight: 1500KG

Product Overview

Fully automatic three-layer flat mask production line (outer ear)Equipment overview:This production line consists of a mask body machine and two ear band machines. Compared with the traditional single mask machine, it integrates automatic conveyor, this design can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce the number of operating labor, the entire line can be operated by only one person.This machine can produce various non-woven masks, flat medical masks, disposable masks, etc. The entire process is automated from feeding, nose line insertion, edge sealing, ear band heat sealing, cutting, stacking output counting of finished products, etc., and is fully PLC and HIM controlled.


Item Parameter
Size 6700x3500x2000mm
Production Efficiency 100-120pcs/min
Equipment power 8.5kw
Air source pressure 0.6Mpa
Voltage customized
Weight 1500kg
Operator 1 person
Mask dimension 175x95mm


Root RTYC series three layer flat mask fully auto production line can be widely applied for the production of flat mask with outer ear. It can give out 6000-7200pcs of masks in one hour. Three layers with more production.


Fully Auto

The production line is operated fully auto, controlled by PLC and HMI. Only one person is needed for operate the line.

High Production Rate

With one operator, within one hour, the production line can give out 6000-7200cps of flat masks. If the factory work in two shift and 8hrs each shift, the daily production rate can reach to 96000-115200pcs of masks.

Easy operation

The production line is fully auto and controlled by PLC completely. The operator only needs to operate the PLC control screen to make the operate easy and safe.

Fast Delivery

20-25 days of production period to allow an early delivery of the production time.

Remote installation guide

Limit by current global situation. Root has full set of installation videos to guide the installation and the test run of the production line. Root engineers will always be ready to do the video remote installation guide to the operator.


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